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The Texture of a Space

Posted by  GeoffBrown —November 12, 2010
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Most times when we talk about ‘spaces’ to run conferences and gatherings in, we talk about the size, number of breakout rooms, location to accommodation and public transport, access to wifi and other logistical features. Rarely do we talk about texture. The texture of a space gives it a certain feel and atmosphere. It’s purely subjective I know, but it can make a big difference to the ‘experience’ that individual and group has. I am facilitating the ACAPTA Flashpoint Forum at a great venue called ‘Legs on the Wall‘ in the suburb of Lilyfield in Sydney, Australia. It is a …

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Lessons from my teachers …

Posted by  GeoffBrown —November 9, 2010
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I fly to Sydney tomorrow to work with ACAPTA on their big, bold Flashpoint Forum. ACAPTA’s dynamic CEO is leading change and a new way of meeting together. ACAPTA is the peak body group for a group of people who make up the Circus & Physical Theatre field. We have 3 days together to meet, have conversations, eat, perform and leave working together in new ways. As I imagine myself opening space on Thursday morning, it makes sense to reflect (and share) some of thinking has has gone into the deign of this gathering. All of it comes from my …

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12 years of 15 together

Posted by  admin —November 8, 2010
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At this precise moment … 12 years ago … Ingrid and I were married. We had known each other for 3 years and had travelled the world together. We had already shared experiences to fill a lifetime. This morning we recalled some of those moments and we feel blessed by the family, friends and sanctuary we have around around us. On the eve of our wedding, a song flowed from my heart … here is the chorus This chorus is about you, its written for you With a minor chord, I adore you … and I love you This chorus …

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Community and the Caravan Park

Posted by  admin —September 11, 2010
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Since the age if 4, I have been part of many ‘caravan park’ communities. These communities have shaped who I have become and many of my strongest childhood memories include the people and places in them. My parents took my sister and I to caravan parks in Phillip Island then to Inverloch (Victoria) – which we revisited for the next 10 years! Same camping site by the beach, same group of families, same 4 weeks of the year (and the same F&C’s and ice creams at Dutchies). To these caravan parks (which are scattered widely along Australia’s endless coastline) strangers …

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Emerging possibilities and collaboration

Posted by  admin —July 19, 2010
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My life’s work is in a really fascinating place right now … I am sensing a shift in the work that I do. A shift from being reactive to client offers, to a more proactive space. New ventures where collaboration with others, co-learning and creating opportunities for new types of work to emerge.┬áThis shift is not part of any clever business plan, in fact, these are the first written words to describe it. Allow me to ramble, share a story and then get back this this change I am sensing … About working with others … Viv McWaters mentions collaboration …

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