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What will it take?

Posted by  admin —June 23, 2010
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A story and questions conjured from viewing, and brought to tears by, images …

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Playing with iOS4

Posted by  admin —June 22, 2010
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Today I downloaded the latest iPhone OS – iOS4. Apart from a whole bunch of gimmicks, there are some really big improvements. The multi-tasking and app-folder additions are long overdue and very welcome. The other thing I like are the 3rd party app improvements to Instapaper and Evernote. Haven’t even played with Mail as yet. The biggest improvement is in the WordPress App which will allow me to write and update blog post and pages. I can now add images to post (like this one of my home office) but still can’t figure out how to embed weblinks in text …

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Photos from Iceland

Posted by  GeoffBrown —April 20, 2010
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We have all heard the story … we all know of someone who is stranded somewhere. Here are some incredible pictures of Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano from The Big Picture.

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When is enough … enough?

Posted by  GeoffBrown —April 7, 2010
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I am frustrated with my apathy … and the apathy of those around me in relation to the big challenges of our time. Climate change, social justice and inequality are just a few. As we go about our normal lives, the Chinese tanker Shen Neng is grounded on a reef 40 kilometres to the  Northeast of Heron Island. We are talking about oil impacting one of the most pristine coral reefs on the planet. The Shen Neng, ironically, is carrying hundreds of tonnes of coal – bound for ‘whatever’ in China to fuel our insatiable appetite for ‘stuff’! Image Source Too often in …

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The Improvisation of Bodhichitta

Posted by  GeoffBrown —March 20, 2010
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I sit at home with the sound of my 3 boys breathing, deep in sleep. And 150km away at the her parent’s home in Melbourne, my wife is suffering the horrible pain that comes with an ear infection. Not just any ear infection, this one is hideous with intolerable pain despite a healthy mix of high end medications. I can’t sleep and so I write from the heart and try to notice this time and the events of the past 2 days. One things stands above all else … the love and kindness of people around us. As I begin …

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