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Posted by  admin —February 7, 2011
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On the topic of what’s UNREASONABLE in the world, Seth started a useful list here … Andy built on the list here … and I am continuing the trend here. I don’t agree with any of these statements (of course!) and their impact is in the gut reaction they evoke. I think there is a workshop activity in this … small groups crafting ‘unreasonable’ statements to unnerve and disrupt the status quo in their world. My List – inspired, in part, by the things that I notice that leave me asking “Why!?!” It’s unreasonable to expect government agencies to launch a community …

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Noticing the Nature of things

Posted by  GeoffBrown —January 17, 2011
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It has not been hard to focus on nature so far in 2011. The floods across Eastern Australia, Brazil and Sri Lanka. The record snow falls in North America and across the UK and Europe. Whilst we are experiencing a La Nina cycle which historically brings more rain to Eastern Australia, at a global level we are witnessing unprecedented changes in weather patterns. Globally, 2010 was the equal hottest year on record and the wettest year. One of my favourite news sites is and they tell stories through images – of Australian floods here. Images are one way to …

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Ending 2010 with an inspired harvest

Posted by  GeoffBrown —December 23, 2010
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One word that sums up 2010 for me is … This year I have designed and delivered training and events with talented and gifted people like  Chris Corrigan, Johnnie Moore, Viv McWaters and Anne Pattillo – and collectively we are known as ‘The Slips’ (see Simon Kneebone’s cartoon of us below). And others including Euan Semple and David Gurteen. I have learned so much from each of these people, both in working alongside them and reading their blogs. Bring on more of this in 2011. Another significant word I associate with 2010 is … I harvested beautiful fruit and veg from my home garden this year …

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Body Integration

Posted by  GeoffBrown —December 13, 2010
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I am a bit slow off the mark with this year’s Reverb – Reflect on this year and manifest what’s next! Reverb is a daily blog post based on an offer from the folks at Reverb. Here is today’s challenge … ‘December 12 – Body Integration This year, when did you feel the most integrated with your body? Did you have a moment where there wasn’t mind and body, but simply a cohesive YOU, alive and present? (Author: Patrick Reynolds)” That moment came for me on Day 4 of a facilitation gig I did in Sydney with the folks from …

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Street Busker’s Structure

Posted by  GeoffBrown —November 17, 2010
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I am big fan of story and performance based structures such as the Story Spine. These are great ways of providing a group a structure and can be used in strategic planning, project planning and evaluation. Recently I wrote my own story spine to generate new ideas about where my own business ‘could’ go in the future. These structures can invite possibility! I learned another structure last week when facilitating the ACAPTA Flashpoint Forum. This is the structure used by many street buskers … you know, they attract the attention of the crowd and then involve audience members in a …

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