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Images to capture this moment in time

Posted by  GeoffBrown —August 6, 2020
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An iso_types Haiku At home in Aireys ISO, A family of five in COVID lockdown – Six … when counting the dog! This is us (left to right): Polly, Griffin, Lachie, me (Geoff), Ingrid and Hamish. Since I was last actively blogging the kids have got a lot bigger and Ingy and I have gotten a whole lot older! When I was last writing at this blog nearly a decade ago, no one would have guessed the context for the family portraits in this post! A global pandemic with city and country wide lockdowns! The closing of borders and shutting …

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Asking for ‘Help!’ and Empathy

Posted by  GeoffBrown —April 22, 2016
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The title of this post is part II of a piece of the same name by friend and colleague Chris Corrigan over here. And what started as a piece about ‘Asking for Help’ … it ended up somewhere else! Ever since watching another colleague, Gary Hirsch, deliver his entertaining Tedx talk on Collaboration, I’ve turned the act of “Asking for Help” into an activity at many gatherings that I design and facilitate. Gary suggests that one of simplest and most effective ways to kick-start collaboration is to simply ask for help. It seems bleedingly obvious because we all, often without …

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Possible FIX for #GoPro Hero3 nightmares!

Posted by  GeoffBrown —May 1, 2013
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BREAKING NEWS: The fix described below appears to only partially resolve the GoPro freezing issues when playing back videos on the LCD touch screen. I’ve submitted another request so we’ll see what happens next!? (Note: Those directed here for a fix to freezing issues on the GoPro Hero3 see the steps at the bottom of this post).  In January … I excitedly purchased a GoPro Hero3 (Black Edition) … By February … I was wondering why I rushed into the latest version of their high def, super-small action camera. It was freezing up regularly and I couldn’t even play videos …

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Power of Networks

Posted by  GeoffBrown —May 30, 2012
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Manuel Lima, explores the power of network visualisation to help navigate our complex modern world in this latest RSAnimate talk. After you watch this, make sure you read this paper on Networks by Meg Wheatley & Deb Frieze. They add a layer of Emergence to the Network idea. I’ll get to the PUNCHLINE of Manuel’s talk first, and add the CONTEXT later … A new type of thinking is emerging according to Manuel. A way of thinking where everything is interconnected and interdependent. Right at the end of the talk (and this is bit I liked), he points out that …

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Caine’s Arcade

Posted by  GeoffBrown —April 16, 2012
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I’m probably one of the last people in the bloggesphere to see this video – Caine’s Arcade. But I wanted to share it here with you because it speaks volumes about all sorts things … the creative genius of our kids … the need to re discover PLAY in community and at work. If only our schools could create the conditions for our kids to express their talents like this! Some do I’m sure … but I don’t see the system allowing much of it. Enough said, just enjoy this 10 minute watch!

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