Purpose is the invisible leader.” TOKE MOELLA


I work in Australia and internationally and offer my services to a growing network of leaders, organisations and multi-stakeholder alliances. I have the experience and partners to tailor my services and help leaders to make sense of their context and grappling with their most complex problems. 

Most of my client work falls under the 3 categories below. Please contact me directly to discuss any of your needs.


I specialise in the design and facilitation of participatory workshops, roundtables and conferences – for groups large and small.

  • Strategic planning workshops
  • Design Sprints
  • Participatory group processes

I work with you to design processes that support groups to nut-out problems and make sense of their world. I hold relational spaces for dialogue – where people can together think strategically & solve problems.



I am skilled in the design of complex, multi-stakeholder engagements for collaborative initiatives, strategy and policy development.

  • Engagement designation any scale
  • Tailored participatory approaches
  • Engagement capacity building

Real change requires genuine engagement with those affected by it. I can support you to engage with stakeholders so that they feel more like partners along the journey of longer term strategic initiatives.



I hold spaces where leaders and their teams find purpose, learn to collaborate together and unlock their group genius.

  • Leadership training
  • Team building workshops
  • Learn to get a handle on complexity

If purpose is the invisible leader, then leaders are the key to any change. I support leadership teams to ask different questions, engage with different perspectives and get a better handle on complexity and systems.



Leadership for Systems Change weaves together 20 years of study, learning and practice. Together with Chad Foulkes (Liminal by Design), we have developed a comprehensive course that engages leaders with their head, heart, and hands. Grounded in contemporary theory, practice and tools this action learning program supports leaders to apply learning directly to their work before, during and after the course.

In a nutshell, this course is for anyone involved in leading complex, systems change initiatives. The course is designed to help leaders to discover new ways of thinking, seeing, and acting. We guide participants through a highly engaging series of sessions that provide a foundation for leading in complex and uncertain times.

We had the privilege of delivering this leadership course, entirely online, with a team of 28 leaders in the latter half of 2020. The feedback was overwhelming and our intention is to offer tailored and flexible versions of Leadership for Systems Change throughout 2021. You can read a written testimonial from the person who commissioned the training course here.

ENQUIRE ABOUT UPCOMING COURSES HERE  Or contact me directly on +61 403 763 660.