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Trying too hard!

Posted by  GeoffBrown —February 15, 2010
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I have been noticing some stuff written about working and trying too hard. Allow me to ramble and explore some emerging thoughts on this and other related (or maybe unrelated) things … One example was in an email conversation and gave the example of a ‘process/model’ (for doing things differently) that appeared on the Open Space list. A comment made about it was something like, “yer working too hard …”. So where are you/we/I working too hard? Where are we working hard at following processes and linear schemes to get things done better and more effectively? Are these processes a …

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a personal story about food, people and change

Posted by  admin —July 16, 2009
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For our family it appears that the monthly food budget is the biggest slice of the household expenses pie. With myself, Ingrid and 3 growing boys that’s probably no surprise to anyone! Now here’s the bit that surprised us … It appears that a humble little Nursery-come-Organic Grocer tops our list and the story of how we have shifted our vote (aka the $$ we spend) over the past 18 months is interesting … interesting enough to make us feel great and for me to decide to write about it here. Spend more, shop local & feel great Once upon …

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My 1 photo per day project

Posted by  admin —July 7, 2009
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Web enabled phones with cameras and video are becoming ubiquitous and these technologies are driving new behaviours in the way we share information and collaborate with each other. So, armed with my new iPhone 3Gs, I have started My One-Photo-per-Day-Project over at my Posterous Blog. Like my YesAndSpace blog, these photos will tell a story and be my visual journal. Part of my business is to present stuff, so many of these photos will show up in Slideshows that I design. It’s a resource that I and you can use … just take note of my Creative Commons license on …

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Improv when Parenting

Posted by  admin —May 8, 2009
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Wow! Improv has become such a source of inspiration for me of late. If you ask yourself “Improv … what is he on about?” … then read this great summary from Viv McWaters (who I must thank for all of her advise and wisdom over the past 8 years!). Viv has designed these great Improv Gift cards and I was lucky enough to receive her very first set. Recently I spoke over Skype with Viv and Robert Poynton where we discussed our work and how Improv was a core part of what we do. Viv went a step further and …

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I wonder if this idea will catch on?

Posted by  admin —May 5, 2009
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Here’s yet another short-term solution to landfill problems. Take the old advertising billboards (made from toxic PVC) and turn them into art. Helps beautiful spaces and keep nasty stuff out of landfill. Hopefully we’ll get smart and future billboards that get pulld down will be made from materials that could be taken away by landscape gardners and used as mulch mats … or something similar. But for now … I like this solution! Geoff

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