The Texture of a Space

Posted by  GeoffBrown —November 12, 2010
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Most times when we talk about ‘spaces’ to run conferences and gatherings in, we talk about the size, number of breakout rooms, location to accommodation and public transport, access to wifi and other logistical features. Rarely do we talk about texture.

The texture of a space gives it a certain feel and atmosphere. It’s purely subjective I know, but it can make a big difference to the ‘experience’ that individual and group has.

I am facilitating the ACAPTA Flashpoint Forum at a great venue called ‘Legs on the Wall‘ in the suburb of Lilyfield in Sydney, Australia. It is a purpose built training facility for those in Circus and Physical Theatre. It is large and cavernous with incredibly high ceilings … somehow, the acoustics and texture makes it intimate enough for even a small group of 30. You can talk quietly and everyone can you … everyone can be talking at once and the noise is dampened.

I love the texture of the space. Here’s a snapshot …

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