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Events coming toward us

Posted by  GeoffBrown —February 15, 2021
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Ash Barty is one of Australia’s most unheralded sporting champions. She is the current world #1 in women’s tennis and played played top professional cricket during a break from tennis a few years ago. Her cricket coach said this about Barty’s abilities … “Her skill from the first time she picked up a bat was outstanding from a coach’s perspective… She never missed a ball in her first session… That’s what attracted me as a coach to her as a player, her ability to pick up things really quickly.” Andy Richards (Coach Brisbane Heat 20-20 Cricket Team) Last night, Ash won …

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More of this … and less of that

Posted by  GeoffBrown —August 4, 2015
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I really cherish time alone … solitude. Those that know me probably laugh at that statement because I’m extroverted and talk way too much. But there’s always another side to people that you don’t see.   Photo – Me sharing a a Stand Up session with good friend Chris Corrigan a few years ago … Bowen Is. CA This morning I left home at 5.15am to beat the Geelong Road traffic into Melbourne. I switched off the news because it’s all just too much of the same … and to be honest my life would be richer without it. I …

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On Noticing …

Posted by  GeoffBrown —November 20, 2014
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The more I work with groups, talk with clients, spend time with family, or spend time alone with my own thoughts … the more I realise that our capacity to perceive, listen and notice more is the greatest gift we have. Noticing more is a thing of mastery. You can never perfect it and you can always, always get better at it. When I turn my ‘noticing’ inwards on breath and letting go of thoughts … problems diminish and clarity comes. When I turn my noticing to the outside world and to other people … I am struck by the …

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Reflecting on life in my 40’s

Posted by  GeoffBrown —September 30, 2014
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I’ve been having flashbacks to my own childhood lately and I’ve figured out why … My eldest boy (Griffin) is 11 years old and, for some reason, 11 is about the age when I can vividly recall events, moments and interaction with my dad. That year was 1983 when Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ was released. Coincidentally, my dad and I had our first children at precisely the same age (within 3 days of each other). So, when doing things with my kids, more and more I am remembering my life at 11 … when dad was my age. When I took …

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A moment in time

Posted by  GeoffBrown —February 18, 2014
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Every now and then, something special happens … and you say to yourself, “I wish I had a camera right now!” Well, at last year’s Aireys Inlet Open Mic Music Festival, there was a moment when Mark Seymour (yes, the 1 & only) stopped singing for 30 seconds and ‘stared-down’ someone in the front row. That someone was our youngest boy. Young Hamish (now 6 yo) has an uncanny knack of engaging with people of all ages. In his own unique and genuine way, he brings attention on himself. He doesn’t show off and he’s not loud. He simply connects …

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