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Posted by  admin —July 7, 2008
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Gen Roberts at the Lorne Community House used this ‘HOPE’ acronym at the bottom of one her emails recently. I liked it and found myself playing around with my tablet … also learned a bit more about Corel Painter functions in the process 🙂 Geoff

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The Power of Visual Images & Maps

Posted by  admin —June 7, 2008
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This 4 minute TED talk by Alisia Miller shines another light on the power of Web 2.0 (incl. Blogs and social networks). If you want to know what is really happening in the world … go beyond the industrialized media systems. This may also be true for education and learning. Alisia also communicates her ‘core message’ via the Visual pathway … far more powerful than words and bullet points. Geoff  

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A SIMPLY great space

Posted by  admin —May 17, 2008
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This little piece of artwork caught my eye today from the beer garden at Hotel Brunswick (in Brunswick Heads, northern New South Wales).   At a glance, the bust of the singer appears to be suspended against a blue sky backdrop. Below him is an outdoor stage where weekly gigs are held.  Stripped Back and Simple …  Hotel Brunswick has recently been refurbished. The final result is a space that makes me want to return again tomorrow. I have already “remarked” to many about our experience … I suppose this makes the space “remarkable”. During our second visit I noticed …

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A Classic Market Place!

Posted by  admin —May 15, 2008
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Another Byron Bay Story … The journey  to the Channon Market was well signposted. The theme of the market was clear … even in the car park! … and even clearer as the music and dancing started The Channon Market is one of the best I have been to. It is set in a beautiful valley with great food and a ha(i)ppy and festive atmosphere. The creative ways and wares of locals were on full display. The colors were vibrant and even the toilet block has a creative edge. For more photos goto my newly created Flickr Site. Next stop …

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Favourite “Byron” Photo Series

Posted by  admin —May 4, 2008
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In Byron Bay, there is much to do. Heading out for a morning run and taking photos of things that catch my eye is one thing I’ll be doing regularly … and will be the one thing that I write about here over the next 3 weeks.  Today’s 2 photos feature as Aussie-icon … the Surf Life Saver. Surf Life Saving is an Australian tradition. For generations, our surf clubs from east to west have enjoyed massive volunteer support. Like all volunteer-based movements, resources are often hard to find. “Resourcefulness” is a common trait in movements that live-on. In Byron …

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