The Mug Project and Web 2.0 in Social Change

Posted by  admin —April 20, 2008
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I’ve been waiting for something quite “different” before making my first “sustainability” post and thanks to Les Robinson I have a simple sustainability idea to share with you. “The Mug Project ® is a community of individuals and organizations that advocate the use of mugs to reduce waste caused by single serve beverage containers.” Pretty simple and I like their promo video! It’s simple, funny and transferable to other sustainability issues (eg. Les suggested a Re usable bag version). If our sustainability ‘change’ projects are going to engage the “online” world, we need more creative stuff like this. Let’s call this another little ‘random …

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From Little Things … BIG things grow

Posted by  admin —April 19, 2008
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I just watched a channel 10 news story on the Rudd Labour government 2020 Summit. 1000 people have been invited to have a 2 day conversation on 10 key policy areas (NOTE: all areas are ‘complex’ like climate change). Great initiative AND government should be doing more of this stuff! Apparently, each of the 10 groups need to present 1 BIG IDEA by the end of tomorrow. That 1 big idea-thing AND the complex nature of each group topic made me think … “I hope they consider implementing lots of the little ideas too!” Why … ** I listened to this podcast with Johnnie Moore, …

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More about Improv and Yes!And

Posted by  admin —April 17, 2008
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Ok … so I’ve borrowed a principle from Improvisational Theatre to name my blog and apply to life. Here’s a short selection blog posts that capture what Yes!And and other Improv principles are all about:  My own story about Improv in action – posted by Viv McWaters Want to join an Improv Network? – Read Johnnie Moore’s comment here Improvised Facilitation … what is it? – another posted by Viv! Improv and Small Business Yet Another Yes!And insight from Viv. Geoff      

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Leadership & Classical Music at the World Economic Forum

Posted by  admin —April 16, 2008
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The Core of my blog is the Improv principle ‘Yes!And’ … this podcast featuring Ben Zander is a match made in heaven! Ben Zander is a conductor, teacher, speaker and co-author of The Art of Possibility. In this podcast he reveals his ‘road to Damascus’, a time when he discovered a new style of leadership. Ben’s message, humour and presence is quite remarkable. I am sure the World Economic Forum will never be the same again. For people in a hurry – listen to the first 6 minutes and you’ll get a taste. For people who want to inspired & nourished …

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Getting out of the Box

Posted by  admin —April 15, 2008
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I have stumbled upon this short video at 3 other blogs … so I’ll post it to mine also.  Apart from a juggling demo, this is about leadership and courage in being prepared to make mistakes. Tom Sparagh also demonstrates a creative and humorous way to communicate a key message. He could have designed a nifty powerpoint presentation, instead, he took a risk. The presentation is ‘remarkable’ and will be ‘remarked about’ by many.     Enjoy. Geoff

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