The Mug Project and Web 2.0 in Social Change

Posted by  admin —April 20, 2008
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I’ve been waiting for something quite “different” before making my first “sustainability” post and thanks to Les Robinson I have a simple sustainability idea to share with you.

“The Mug Project ® is a community of individuals and organizations that advocate the use of mugs to reduce waste caused by single serve beverage containers.” Pretty simple and I like their promo video! It’s simple, funny and transferable to other sustainability issues (eg. Les suggested a Re usable bag version).

If our sustainability ‘change’ projects are going to engage the “online” world, we need more creative stuff like this. Let’s call this another little ‘random act of traction’. 

Find more videos like this on The Mug Project

If you remain skeptical about the need for online social networking tools to engage the youth in sustainability projects, watch this wonderful example of how younger people engage and communicate with each other. Enjoy!

Direct YouTube link here. 

So, next time you engage people in Social Change, what will you apply from these 2 videos?



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