A Resource to Share

Posted by  GeoffBrown —July 19, 2012
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Last week I ran a session at the Thriving In Uncertainty conference titled, “Re-imagining Organisations as Living Systems”. Here is a previous post that sets the scene … An Invitation to Thrive. I shared lots of stuff with the group … probably too much ­čÖé … and promised them a summary of my favourite resources to kick start (or continue) their own inquiry into the links between Living Systems – Complexity – Applied Improv. Here’s the email I just sent out … Hi Gang I’ve added you to my contacts and have compiled a bunch of resources for y’all after …

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Gift Economy

Giving your ‘stuff’ away is the new economy. We have moved way beyond a world of production and protection where we sell everything to consumers. Most of us now produce stuff … we share it (for free) … we consume and remix stuff from others. Here is a classic example … A few months ago I drew this picture – it’s simply a network of how I use and visualise my knowledge flows and social media. And then someone (Laura Pearle) spotted it on Twitter. Laura had a presentation to give at a conference about uses of social media for …

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Posted by  GeoffBrown —June 22, 2012
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When I arrived in Vancouver a fortnight ago, the weather was pretty much the same as when I left Melbourne. I’d been traveling for a whole day and even the date and time hadn’t changed much! Surprisingly, the ocean temperatures were warmer around Bowen’s shores than at home. I am starting to think that winter surfing on our coast requires the same bravery and thick skin as it does in Tofino’s summer on Vancouver Island. Arriving home on Tuesday morning was a shock to the system! Melbourne was basking in sunny skies but the temperature was only 6┬░C! The wind …

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Quality of Harvest from Story

Posted by  GeoffBrown —June 15, 2012
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These past few days, I have been in Vancouver working with Chris Corrigan and Steven Wright at the 2012 World Indigenous Housing Conference. lots of learning and having a ball over here. Chris writes here in depth about the process, the fun, the co-creation and the context – http://chriscorrigan.com/parkinglot/?p=3629 Last night our team of 3 looked for patterns and themes across harvests from 3 Cafe Conversations. Today we are reporting back our findings to the conference using a visual and very interactive approach. As we burned the midnight oil, we all learned (or relearned) a lesson about the power of …

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SUP Bowen Island

Posted by  GeoffBrown —June 11, 2012
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I am currently staying with friend Chris Corrigan on Bowen Island … this place is simply stunning folks! Before making the journey across the pacific, I promised Chris to take him SUP’ing (Stand Up Paddle Boarding). Today it happened. The local water craft rental business on Bowen Island (Bowen Island Sea Kayaking) have cleverly added a quiver of 9 SUPs to their stocks and we hired boards this morning. Last night we enticed another local (Rod) to join us on the water – and it so happened he had the perfect SUP transport vehicle … Tunstall Bay (on Bowen) was …

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