My introduction to systems thinking – a map by Kielhofner

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OT Community Mourns the Loss of Dr. Gary Kielhofner Yolanda writes about the loss of a inspirational man, Gary Kielhofner … “Gary Kielhofner was a remarkable man, a visionary, a passionate scholar. As a beginning scholar, over 30 years ago, he had a dream of advancing the field of occupational therapy in order to assist individuals with chronic health conditions and disability live fulfilling and satisfying lives. His dream became a reality when he crafted the Model of Human Occupation, also known as MOHO. Gary’s work has inspired and impacted the lives of thousands and thousands of therapists, students, clients …

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Dilbert at its best

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Community and the Caravan Park

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Since the age if 4, I have been part of many ‘caravan park’ communities. These communities have shaped who I have become and many of my strongest childhood memories include the people and places in them. My parents took my sister and I to caravan parks in Phillip Island then to Inverloch (Victoria) – which we revisited for the next 10 years! Same camping site by the beach, same group of families, same 4 weeks of the year (and the same F&C’s and ice creams at Dutchies). To these caravan parks (which are scattered widely along Australia’s endless coastline) strangers …

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M*A*S*H* Up with Improv, Scientists & Alan Alda

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On the eve of a month long trip away, Belina Raffy sent Andy Middleton and I this YouTube video featuring Alan Alda, some scientists and the Centre for Communicating Science – Stony Brook State University (USA). For anyone who has been involved in workshops where I use Improv games, here’s a video to watch. For those who practice the art of Applied Improv with me, you know who you are … I think you’ll like this video. For me, this inspires me to do more and bring the gift of Improv to lives of more people and groups. Enjoy. According …

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Starting somewhere … the next chapter

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My last post  told the story leading up to a local community event in Aireys Inlet that happened on Sunday. I am part of a Transition Town project called “The Mangowak Harvest“. Here’s the story of what actually happened (simply click <> through the slides at your own pace) … Aireys Inlet Story WAW2010View more presentations from Geoff Brown. If you liked this Story and want to share with others, here are a couple of things you can send them via email or the web The url link to the Slideshow – The html code to allow the Story …

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