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Using Improv to ‘Save The World’

If you want to hear 3 people talking about how Applied Improv can ‘save the world’ … then head over here to my podcasting blog Winkipod! The names, the voices, stories and laughter from these 2 wonderful people will be revealed at Winkipod … Winkipod-cast link – Using Improv to Save The World Cheers, Geoff

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Why facilitation is necessary after a disaster

Posted by  admin —March 1, 2009
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Created at Viv McWaters and I chatted with Gil Brenson-Lazan about the role of facilitators in disaster recovery. Gil has 35 years experience in this area and a background in social psychology. He is a co-founder of the Global Facilitators Service Corps (GFSC). You can download the podcast over here at Winkipod. Gil Brenson-Lazan Cheers Geoff

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Shift Happens!

A friend of mine just sent me this presentation … it is a great example of the ‘exponential change’ and the ‘revolution’ that is happening right now! Shift Happens View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: sociology future) Karl Fisch at the Fischbowl blog wrote this about this sliedshow and the remixed version that he created: “A while back Scott McLeod, Jeff Brenman (who did the Slideshare version) and I received an email from someone at Sony BMG Music Entertainment asking us if they could remix the various versions of Did You Know? for a meeting they had coming …

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Sir Ken is in his ‘element’

Posted by  admin —October 7, 2008
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I am a big fan of Sir Ken Robinson’s ideas about creativity and education. Thanks to Garr Reynolds at Presentation Zen, here is another interview with Sir Ken. Part 1 Part 2 Sir Ken has a new book coming out in 2009 called The Element. It’s about how we find that place where we say, “I’m in my element”. For me at the moment, my element is playing with my kids, being in my vege/fruit garden and facilitating – being ‘present’ with a group and assisting them to do their very best thinking. cheers Geoff

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Interview with Patti Digh at Winkipod

Posted by  admin —September 8, 2008
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Viv McWaters and I were honored to have a conversation with Patti Digh last week over Skype. We recorded it and created another Winkipodcast over here. Who is Patti Digh? View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: 37 days) Cheers Geoff

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