My Favorite Online Communication/Thinking Tools

Posted by  admin —April 14, 2008
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Like most people … I think in pictures. Our visual system is on all the time, every time we step into a room and negotiate an obstacle in our path. We often make intuitive decisions based on what we see. So, I am a convert to online visual thinking tools. Here are my favs … 1. Sketchcast – I tend to use this on the fly when needing to quickly communicate something visual to a person at the end of an email. Words alone just don’t do it and it’s duplication to write words and scan/email a picture. Here’s a …

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A story about open space & a local music festival

Posted by  admin —April 14, 2008
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Once upon a time … I was asked to help stage a local music festival called the Aireys Inlet Open Mic Music Festival. Marty Maher (a local businessman who really knows how to contribute to community) asked me to get involved … I love music festivals and I could not refuse! Marty said the essence of this festival is simple … It’s all about the music. Marty did most of the grunt work behind the scenes and I had the pleasure of performing with long time friend (David Jurianz). I donated my PA system and my time as MC for the …

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What works?

Posted by  admin —April 11, 2008
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Week 1 reflections Dinner with Dave Pollard and Viv McWaters was a highlight and I have captured parts of our conversations here. I just noticed that Dave too has “distilled” some of his conversations in Melbourne this week in this What works & What Doesn’t post. Dave has started to compile a list of questions that were repeated across his many and diverse conversations. His first question almost defines the purpose on this blog. Q1. “What works and what doesn’t [i.e. what are the enablers and preconditions for success in bringing about organizational change: changes in environmental sustainability, social responsibility, innovation, adaptation, …

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In the Zone

Posted by  admin —April 10, 2008
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Here is  was an entertaining example of the extraordinary things that people can do when they “let it happen”. The video has been pulled off YouTube by the “user” 🙁 sorry to all those you did not get to see it! The key thing that separates these guys from average footballers (who have had just as much practice) is their state of mind. Their ability to turn down the noise of the Ego (or “Self 1” as Timothy Gallway calls it in Inner Tennis) … be completely present and focus only on the ball … and let the years of practice …

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Dinner with Dave Pollard & Viv McWaters

Posted by  admin —April 9, 2008
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So what do 3 Bloggers (Me, Viv & Dave) talk about in a great space over dinner? Lot’s of stuff … some about problems … mostly about solutions. Thanks for a great meal Viv (& Pete)! In reading Dan Roam’s book The Back of the Napkin I am inspired to communicate with pictures more! Here’s Dan’s elevator pitch on communcating with pictures … “Visual thinking means taking advantage of our innate ability to see – both with our eyes and our mind’s eye – in order to discover ideas that are otherwise invisible, develop those ideas quickly and intuitively, and then …

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