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Plan-less & Prepare-more

Posted by  admin —April 27, 2009
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Last year I wrote this blog post about other people … who I observed to be ‘Too Busy to be Creative’ and I drew this little graphic … Well, I’ve fallen victim to the same disease of late. Even though I haven’t been busy facilitating, my time for creative stuff feels like it has compressed … it’s a stretch to fire up the tablet and draw something and I’m giving no time to reading my favorite blogs and great books on my shelf?! What to do? What to do?! Here’s where I’m going to start today … Plan-less … in …

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Seth’s Hierarchy of Presentations

Posted by  admin —April 16, 2009
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Seth Godin just wrote this blog post called the Hierarchy of Presentations I like the plain language Seth uses so I turned his post into a slideshow. Geoff. Seth Godin’s Presentation Hierarchy View more presentations from Geoff Brown.

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Accepting Offers in Action: Playful analysis of myself on video

Posted by  admin —March 17, 2009
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I am reading Robert Poynton‘s book Everything’s An Offer (How to do more with less) and some things happened on the weekend that I have to write about. By the way, even though this post refers to Improvisational Theatre … people working in the traditional domains of leadership, teamwork, strategy and business can learn a lot from Rob’s book (and this post). Part 2 of Rob’s book is titled ‘Let go, Notice More, Use Everything’ – which is also the heart of Improvisational Practice. I have some video of myself and 2 other musicians literally ‘improvising’ at the Aireys Inlet …

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The Hudson River Runway

Posted by  admin —March 1, 2009
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Thanks to Marty over at Amazing Planet, a video that recreates the events of US Airways Flight 1549 landing in the Hudson River is here …

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Black Saturday

Posted by  admin —February 24, 2009
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Most people around the world have heard about the recent Victorian Bushfires. For me, and my family and community, it has been a time reflect and morne and also a time to work out what it all means for us. Our community is on the edge of the Otway National Park and is a community at high risk of bushfires. We were just plain ‘lucky’ not to see a fire on Black Saturday. I have been sent a slideshow about a beuatiful garden of sculptures that was lost to the Marysville and fire … some random images and a poem …

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