Plan-less & Prepare-more

Posted by  admin —April 27, 2009
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Last year I wrote this blog post about other people … who I observed to be ‘Too Busy to be Creative’ and I drew this little graphic …

Well, I’ve fallen victim to the same disease of late. Even though I haven’t been busy facilitating, my time for creative stuff feels like it has compressed … it’s a stretch to fire up the tablet and draw something and I’m giving no time to reading my favorite blogs and great books on my shelf?!

What to do? What to do?! Here’s where I’m going to start today …

  1. Plan-less … in other words spend less time thinking about and trying to come up with plans for facilitating workshops AND replace these planning activities with …
  2. more – Preparation … in other words spend more time doing stuff that get’s me prepared so I can ‘show up’ and ‘do more with less’

Some examples of activities that, for me, are less about planning and more about getting prepared (or getting in the right position) include:

  1. Reading my favorite blogs for about 30 minutes each day
  2. Watching 2 new TED talks each week
  3. Walking the dogs daily – often helps me to ‘unblock’ and consider my work from a new angle
  4. Draw at least 1 picture and write a blog post about it each week
  5. Do at least 2 blog posts of my own per week – based on things I have seen, heard or learnt
  6. Collaborate with other people at least weekly – if I’m not sharing/collaborating with others on Skype/email/F2F then I’m getting lazy and withdrawing
  7. Tweet more – that’s posting and reading other’s Tweets
  8. At the end of the day REFLECT a little on what happened and NOTICE what’s going on

I am feeling better already … now time to get those invoices done and finish of 2 workshop plans!


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