Black Saturday

Posted by  admin —February 24, 2009
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Most people around the world have heard about the recent Victorian Bushfires. For me, and my family and community, it has been a time reflect and morne and also a time to work out what it all means for us.

Our community is on the edge of the Otway National Park and is a community at high risk of bushfires. We were just plain ‘lucky’ not to see a fire on Black Saturday.

I have been sent a slideshow about a beuatiful garden of sculptures that was lost to the Marysville and fire … some random images and a poem written by an ABC listener (Anthony). I combined the latter 2 offers into a slideshow of my own. Here they are …


  1. so many debate and critique living in a virtual world

    and yet this virtual collection is perhaps our only record of a special collection – so it still lives

    thank you for sharing

  2. Fabba says:

    all your post very interesting, it was very interesting or me..

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