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Podcasts coming soon to Winkipod

Posted by  admin —June 2, 2008
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Inspired by Johnnie Moore’s podcasts with Hugh & The Rabbi and The Phoric, Viv and I have started up a dedicated podcasting blog called “Winkipod”. Winkipod emerged from conversations between me and Viv. Like Euan, Hugh and Johnnie … Viv and I have switched off from mainstream, slick & scripted media. Instead, we prefer listening to (and learning from) conversations between people that start somewhere and simply allow topics to emerge in the moment. They say “Yes!And” build on each other’s offers … just like in Improv. At the moment, I have posted a few “practice” .mp3 recordings and provided some …

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Creativity with my son and Sir Ken Robinson

Posted by  admin —April 28, 2008
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Here is my 3 year old son’s first ever painting. My wife noticed how focused he was and for 20 minutes he painted and painted until the page was full. Then he produced a second painting. Then I remembered Sir Ken Robinson’s words … we are born creative AND kids are not afraid of being wrong. Sir Ken Robinson’s presentation at TED inspired me to be bolder and take more chances in life and in my work. For me, this blog is a space in which I can create and co-create new ideas and ways of working. Celebrating failure, making …

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The best from my blogroll

If you’re wondering who are these people listed on my Blogroll … here’s a snapshot of great posts from some of the Yes!AndThinkers: Viv McWaters and Anne Pattillo launch the Facilitating with Confidence website – Viv has been my teacher and mentor for 5 years now. Anyone wanting to learn about facilitation and themselves … do this course! Johnnie Moore and Robert Paterson have a great podcasting site known as The Phoric – In episode 8 they interview Chris Corrigan and explore living systems. In YouTube Video #2 the traffic is just remarkable to watch!    Mark Earls puts me onto my …

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Leadership & Classical Music at the World Economic Forum

Posted by  admin —April 16, 2008
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The Core of my blog is the Improv principle ‘Yes!And’ … this podcast featuring Ben Zander is a match made in heaven! Ben Zander is a conductor, teacher, speaker and co-author of The Art of Possibility. In this podcast he reveals his ‘road to Damascus’, a time when he discovered a new style of leadership. Ben’s message, humour and presence is quite remarkable. I am sure the World Economic Forum will never be the same again. For people in a hurry – listen to the first 6 minutes and you’ll get a taste. For people who want to inspired & nourished …

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