The best from my blogroll

If you’re wondering who are these people listed on my Blogroll … here’s a snapshot of great posts from some of the Yes!AndThinkers:

Viv McWaters and Anne Pattillo launch the Facilitating with Confidence website – Viv has been my teacher and mentor for 5 years now. Anyone wanting to learn about facilitation and themselves … do this course!

Johnnie Moore and Robert Paterson have a great podcasting site known as The Phoric – In episode 8 they interview Chris Corrigan and explore living systems. In YouTube Video #2 the traffic is just remarkable to watch! 


Mark Earls puts me onto my next Amazon purchase! – All of my books are recommended to me via trusted blogging-peers. I loved Mark’s book Herd and so I trust his call on The Green Marketing Manifesto … a great example of how change (and influence) happens in the real world!

Matt Moore interviews another Yes!AndThinker Nancy White & Ed Mitchell –Here they explore blended facilitation and the online vs offline world. Very insightful and entertaining!

Andrew Rixon celebrates failure – Being wrong is ok … we need to be prepared to make mistakes to discover something new and be creative. If we dwell on something that went wrong yesterday, then we are not being present for what is happening now … then we miss opportunities to seize the moment. As Johnnie Moore said in a recent podcast, it is often those people who “show up” more often that get the lucky breaks. 

 Robyn at Anecdote explores complexity and crisis – Getting my head around Complexity models (eg. Cynefin Model via Dave Snowden) has helped me to approach the design of behaviour change projects in a whole new way!

Chris Corrigan’s Parking Lot and Life’s Lessons – For me, Chris’s blog is the one that got me hooked. I’ve never met Chris … one day I will and his collection of life’s lessons is what blogging is all about. The photo in this blog resonates as I am a father of 3 boys at the beginning of their journey.

Dan Roam and the use of webvideo – this just shows the new and accessible ways we can communicate messages. Highly applicable in the world of behaviour change and sustainability education.

Euan Semple states the obvious – Via Euan’s blog I know have a picture that shows why Wikis are a great way to collaborate.

Dave Pollard takes photos of my home state – I recently met Dave Pollard (twice in fact) and it was great see some travel snaps of places so close to home.





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