Podcasts coming soon to Winkipod

Posted by  admin —June 2, 2008
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Inspired by Johnnie Moore’s podcasts with Hugh & The Rabbi and The Phoric, Viv and I have started up a dedicated podcasting blog called “Winkipod”.

Winkipod emerged from conversations between me and Viv. Like Euan, Hugh and Johnnie … Viv and I have switched off from mainstream, slick & scripted media. Instead, we prefer listening to (and learning from) conversations between people that start somewhere and simply allow topics to emerge in the moment. They say “Yes!And” build on each other’s offers … just like in Improv.

At the moment, I have posted a few “practice” .mp3 recordings and provided some technical notes on my podcasting learning journey.

Check out the beginnings of Winkipod here!



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