In the Zone

Posted by  admin —April 10, 2008
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Here is  was an entertaining example of the extraordinary things that people can do when they “let it happen”. The video has been pulled off YouTube by the “user” 🙁 sorry to all those you did not get to see it!

The key thing that separates these guys from average footballers (who have had just as much practice) is their state of mind. Their ability to turn down the noise of the Ego (or “Self 1” as Timothy Gallway calls it in Inner Tennis) … be completely present and focus only on the ball … and let the years of practice (or “Self” 2) take over and display all it’s magic.

As a 14 year old, racket throwing brat on the tennis court, my dad banned me from tennis for a month and made me read Inner Tennis. Looking back, I am surprised that “I got it”. When I returned my game improved dramatically and I enjoyed the game more than ever. 

As facilitators, parents or leaders how do we practice presence … be aware of Self 1 … and let our years of practice (Self 2) shine?


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