Starting somewhere …

Posted by  admin —August 11, 2010
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… anywhere. A little while ago I wrote here: “I am frustrated with my apathy … and the apathy of those around me in relation to the big challenges of our time. Climate change, social justice and inequality are just a few.” I have also had a run of people asking me the same question, “What’s happening with that Transition Town project you guys got started?” My response in each was the truth, “Nothing at all”. Then the automatic run of excuses about why nothing has happened like ‘running my own business’, ‘being a father of 3 young boys’ … …

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From my ‘Read Later’ files in Instapaper

Posted by  admin —August 3, 2010
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Recently I started using Instapaper to tag interesting articles when on my laptop or iPhone. The cool thing is you don’t need to be connected to read them later. Here’s some link that I just read that are well worth sharing … The Best Goal is No Goal – by Leo over at Zen Habits Stuff You Know, but Don’t Know You Know – by Neil Perkin over at Only Dead Fish How Not to Write a Book – by Chris Brogan And I posted these links using the new Safari 5 ‘Scribefire’ Extension – it’s great except the time …

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Great use of YouTube by Dave Snowden

Posted by  admin —July 20, 2010
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I spent about 30 minutes putting together this post and if you have got a spare 20 minutes (and you are keen to challenge your own worldview), go grab a cup of tea and work your way through these videos. I have put them in an order that will make sense to someone exploring these concepts for the first time. ————————————————————————————————————– Why do we still see policies in workplaces like, “You Tube banned on Government Servers to stop staff wasting time!”, when staff could be learning stuff as rich as these videos from Dave Snowden? Dave is the Founder & Chief Scientific …

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Emerging possibilities and collaboration

Posted by  admin —July 19, 2010
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My life’s work is in a really fascinating place right now … I am sensing a shift in the work that I do. A shift from being reactive to client offers, to a more proactive space. New ventures where collaboration with others, co-learning and creating opportunities for new types of work to emerge. This shift is not part of any clever business plan, in fact, these are the first written words to describe it. Allow me to ramble, share a story and then get back this this change I am sensing … About working with others … Viv McWaters mentions collaboration …

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A turning point in my life

Recently, I have had many requests for copies of the Castlemaine 500 Report – a report that I co-authored in relation to a community scale sustainability project that ran a few years ago in Castlemaine. You can read more about the project here. Why was this project a turning point in my life? Here a just a few reasons … The failures of our efforts to bring about change (i.e. sustained reduction of household energy use) were confronting. I was lucky to have a client (thanks Bron) and a team (you know who you are) willing to go on a …

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