Accepting Offers in Action: Playful analysis of myself on video

Posted by  admin —March 17, 2009
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I am reading Robert Poynton‘s book Everything’s An Offer (How to do more with less) and some things happened on the weekend that I have to write about. By the way, even though this post refers to Improvisational Theatre … people working in the traditional domains of leadership, teamwork, strategy and business can learn a lot from Rob’s book (and this post). Part 2 of Rob’s book is titled ‘Let go, Notice More, Use Everything’ – which is also the heart of Improvisational Practice. I have some video of myself and 2 other musicians literally ‘improvising’ at the Aireys Inlet …

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Expect the unexpected – A Twitter Story

Posted by  admin —March 10, 2009
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I just watched this TED presentation by co-founder of Twitter, Evan Williams. His final statement, for me, sums up the new world of business thinking. In this new world, business leaders are learning to ‘let-go’ of control and view consumers as not only users, but as ‘shapers’ and co-developers’ of new ideas and services/products. “I have no idea what will happen next with Twitter … but I’ve learned to follow the hunch and never assume where it will go.” Evan Williams. 2009 TED Conference. Evan also said … “It seems like when you give people easier ways to share information …

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NESTA meets Clay Shirky

Posted by  admin —March 2, 2009
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Here’s an overlap of pictures from 2 of my favourite sources AND they come together in the NGO space – which I find myself working in at the moment with one of Australia’s leading NGO’s. Source 1 – NESTA Connect wrote this piece which has shaped my thinking about the importance of conversations leading to relationships and then real-world transactions. Their diagrams of the different types of people/group networks made great sense also. Source 2 – Clay Shirky’s ideas Net-Map have embedded a 5 minute interview with Clay Shirky and they discuss the role of NGO’s in mobilsing and using …

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The Art of Invitation

Posted by  admin —March 2, 2009
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Thanks to Chris Corrigan for highlighting this 2 minute video by David Gershon talking about what it takes to take change to scale. Chris comments on this video and leaves us all with an important question to consider … “As an artful act of invitation, this is briliant.  How many of us outside the movie industry consider making trailers to gatherings?  Putting audio and video to work in this way is a fantastic way to get the message out, introduce people to ideas that will be bandied around at your gathering, and it becomes a great way to have people …

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The Hudson River Runway

Posted by  admin —March 1, 2009
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Thanks to Marty over at Amazing Planet, a video that recreates the events of US Airways Flight 1549 landing in the Hudson River is here …

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