Shift Happens!

A friend of mine just sent me this presentation … it is a great example of the ‘exponential change’ and the ‘revolution’ that is happening right now!

Shift Happens

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Karl Fisch at the Fischbowl blog wrote this about this sliedshow and the remixed version that he created:

“A while back Scott McLeod, Jeff Brenman (who did the Slideshare version) and I received an email from someone at Sony BMG Music Entertainment asking us if they could remix the various versions of Did You Know? for a meeting they had coming up. We said sure and they came up with this and gave us permission to link to it. (It takes a little while to load – sorry, can’t figure out how to embed it. you’ll have to follow the link).”

Here’s a variation on the same theme that uses visual images really well …

Now another variation that is just plain text … no images to support the ‘core messages’. For me, much prefer the video and slideshare slides above!

So how does this relate to what I am passionate about in work (ie. facilitation and tackling sustainability issues)?

  1. The way in which people work together, collaborate and get things done is changing more rapidly than ever before. In my facilitation work, I want to enjoy riding this exciting new wave!
  2. As a passionate advocate of sustainability and tackling climate change, social media provide everyone with a voice and a media channel to reach millions of people. For me, I intend to use this opportunity to be a part of (and help to lead at times) real and fundamental change. Change in the way we view ourselves and others. Change in the way we use resources and care for the planet

If you were interested in this slideshows above, here’s some ‘must watch/read’ links that I think build on some of the stats and ideas presented here:

1. Sir Ken Robinson at TED – on creativity and education for the future
2. Clay Shirkey’s “Here comes Everybody” – on the power of crowdsourcing and the social dimension of the internet
3. Dan Pink’s “A Whole New Mind” – on where employment is heading and on using the right and left brain at work
4. Seth Godin’s “Tribes” – about leadership and movements

5. Garr Reynold’s Presentation Zen – The book and blog are great if you want to create slideshow like this

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did writing it!



  1. Youngju Kim says:

    Hi, Geoff
    It is great to know! Did I know? Now I do. I too loved the video and slideshare slides that you like. Very nice. I also agree with what you said about using this opportunity to be a part of real and fundamental change. The future society will be full of changes and it is going to be very rapid too, and I think it is smart to be prepared as you are.
    From your writing, “The way in which people work together, collaborate and get things done is changing more rapidly than ever before. In my facilitation work, I want to enjoy riding this exciting new wave!” I noticed that you already knew the fact that our world has become a global community. And you are ready to be a part of it. I thought that was a very positive way to see the changes and the world filled with rapid changes.
    Well, I’d love to know how you handle the changes in the times of global crisis. Obviously we didn’t expect this coming! I really want to hear what you think.
    Meanwhile, since I think you are interested in being a part of real change, and you want to help and lead at times I’d like to share with you a video. (It is only 5-minute long) It shows us a way to get out of global problems, and to live in harmony as a global community by bringing a positive change within us. After watching the video I thought you might like it, and if you do please send your friends. It is really like riding a exciting new wave! Good luck for the riding!
    Cheers, Youngju Kim

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