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Posted by  admin —May 17, 2008
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This little piece of artwork caught my eye today from the beer garden at Hotel Brunswick (in Brunswick Heads, northern New South Wales).

Sculpture at Hotel Brunswick 

At a glance, the bust of the singer appears to be suspended against a blue sky backdrop. Below him is an outdoor stage where weekly gigs are held. 

Stripped Back and Simple … 

Hotel Brunswick has recently been refurbished. The final result is a space that makes me want to return again tomorrow. I have already “remarked” to many about our experience … I suppose this makes the space “remarkable”.

During our second visit I noticed how “uncluttered” the space was. There was not a single chair, table or sign that was not needed. Like in this post by Garr Reynolds (Presentation Zen), he explores design by reflecting on a “Bento” purchased from a Japanese train station. 

Garr writes, “An ‘ekiben’ contains great content which is arranged in the most efficient, graceful manner. The bento is presented in a simple, beautiful, balanced way. Nothing lacking. Nothing superfluous. Not decorated, but wonderfully designed. A delicious, inspiring way to spend 20 minutes.”

Well, Hotel Brunswick is the ‘bento’ of pubs! Beautiful, balanced, nothing lacking and a truly wonderful space to experience food, music and conversation.

Geoff … still in Byron Bay 🙂

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