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More games to share

Posted by  GeoffBrown —November 11, 2010
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I am facilitating a 4 day forum (The ACAPTA Flashpoint Forum) with a great bunch of people from the world of Circus and Physical Theatre. We have people here in sydney from street performers to federal funders … trapeze acrobats to administrators. Today in Open Space, the whole group came together for 90 minutes to simply play and share games. Viv has written about this urge here and here … for me it seemed the group was yearning to step away from the ‘intellectual’ stuff and ‘connect’ with each other in deeper and more human ways – and so they …

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Turning 40 next year … and feeling it!

Posted by  admin —October 6, 2010
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This cartoon by Hugh McLeod struck a poignant chord with me this morning. Just replace the word ‘fat’ with ‘injured’! Last week I have some cartilage scraped from my right knee and it’s amazing how many fellas around me at 40 have had this done. Currently taking it easy and doing lots of gentle rehab at home. Due to the months of limping, my left knee and lower back are starting to play up too. Most say to me, “It’s just old age Geoff!”. Enter I’m an optimist and I know I’ll be fitter and stronger than ever. I’ll no longer …

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My 201st post!

Posted by  GeoffBrown —May 26, 2010
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Just realised I have passed my double century of blog posts! Here’s my 201st post featuring 3 cartoons that happen to be sitting side by side on my desktop. These cartoons are also very linked by the people around them and concepts they explore. The first features “The Slips” (and that’s me in 3rd slip). The Slips is an international consortium of blogger and facilitators. Many of my 200 posts have featured links back to the blogs of Anne Patillio (wicket keeper), Viv McWaters (1st slip), Johnnie Moore (2nd slip) and Chris Corrigan (4th slip). Thanks to Simon Kneebone for …

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The Slips

Posted by  GeoffBrown —May 16, 2010
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Over the past couple of weeks I have had the pleasure of playing (and working) with an “International Consortium” … of sorts. We call ourselves The Slips and we are (from 1st to 4th slip) … Johnnie Moore (UK), Viv McWaters (Australia), me (Australia) and Chris Corrigan (Canada). Without a wicket keeper we’d be useless and Anne Pattillo (NZ) takes up this position. Together in May we worked with Swinburne Uni and Sustainability Victoria to host the Show Me The Change conference. Johnnie and Viv ran a workshop called Crumbs in Sydney and we all took part in the fringe OSonOS …

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Posted by  GeoffBrown —April 30, 2010
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I am a big fan of Hugh McLeod’s work over at Gaping Void. Today’s ‘daily cartoon’ sums up much of what I and others have been blogging about recently. And Hugh’s words that accompany this cartoon … “Success for me was a log time coming. It probably took three times as long than it should have, maybe. “Better late than never” and all that… That “the world would ALWAYS conspire to make me something less than I am”, was something I learned very early, the hard way. Fort the longest time, I was quite angry and bitter about that. I …

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