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Noticing what “really” makes us happy

Posted by  admin —June 7, 2008
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In Yochai Benkler’s TED talk (Open Source Economics) he says something like … “Social interaction and ideas exchange on the internet is not just a passing fashion … it’s the ‘deep change’ that is challenging our incumbant industrial systems.”  If you wonder why I bother to blog and read other’s blogs … post ‘tweets’ to twitter and join online social networks, well its because I get real value from it. Yochai goes a step further and suggests that for the first time the control of the new information age is in the hands of everyone with a computer and internet …

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The ol’ baby-in-the-box trick

Posted by  admin —May 8, 2008
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So here’s the scene … it’s getting dark @5pm … you are at a campsite that is a patch of dirt crawling with bugs. Your older boys (5 & 3 yrs) are hungry and cranky and you are busily preparing dinner over a dim torchlight. WHAT DO YOU DO WITH THE BABY? Your baby doesn’t have the world’s best sitting balance and is intrigued by the creepy crawlies when you put him on the ground to rest your aching back!  So, here’s a solution that is simple … but no simpler (as Einstein would say) … A box … Some …

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Penguins can fly?!

Posted by  admin —April 28, 2008
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Just imagine …   Go direct to YouTube to view here. Geoff

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Getting out of the Box

Posted by  admin —April 15, 2008
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I have stumbled upon this short video at 3 other blogs … so I’ll post it to mine also.  Apart from a juggling demo, this is about leadership and courage in being prepared to make mistakes. Tom Sparagh also demonstrates a creative and humorous way to communicate a key message. He could have designed a nifty powerpoint presentation, instead, he took a risk. The presentation is ‘remarkable’ and will be ‘remarked about’ by many.     Enjoy. Geoff

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