Turning 40 next year … and feeling it!

Posted by  admin —October 6, 2010
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This cartoon by Hugh McLeod struck a poignant chord with me this morning. Just replace the word ‘fat’ with ‘injured’!

Last week I have some cartilage scraped from my right knee and it’s amazing how many fellas around me at 40 have had this done. Currently taking it easy and doing lots of gentle rehab at home. Due to the months of limping, my left knee and lower back are starting to play up too. Most say to me, “It’s just old age Geoff!”. Enter

I’m an optimist and I know I’ll be fitter and stronger than ever. I’ll no longer be running and Karate will go on hold for at least 12 months. Time to dust off the old bike (or buy a new one!) and go from traditional to Standup Paddle surfing for a while.

So yes Hugh, I do remember the time when all the old, injured guys were still older and ‘more injured’ than I.

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