Yes! Its a tangled mess

Posted by  GeoffBrown —June 27, 2011
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Big HT to Andrew Rixon for noticing this Leunig Cartoon in the weekend Age …

Andrew suggested that Leunig really understands complexity theory – I agree!

This metaphoric-tangle that Leunig uses is so true of life and most of what we do. So why are we still trying to control and manage this tangled web with rules?

Luenig knows that there are no ‘rules’ for getting through this mess. Instead, he has captured some ‘principles’ in this cartoon … principles that might just help change our mindset. There are probably some other principles too but there is no rule book to help select them and make the process linear and neat! Leunig’s cartoon is an invitation to dive deep into learning together.


  1. That’s brilliant! Leunig is fab. Thank you for sharing this – I will forward the link on to various folks!

    1. GeoffBrown says:

      Thanks Dwight and look forward to meeting you one of these days, Geoff.

  2. Andrew Rixon says:

    Nice articulation Geoff…

    I like the “you’re always in the middle”… I reckon that’s a good principle to keep in mind… Might help with the “Finished Product” syndrome?

    Lots to muse on huh…

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