Posted by  GeoffBrown —June 29, 2011
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I have read a lot of stuff on being present and noticing more this year, but this paragraph by says it like no one else …

“What is the use of planning to be able to eat next week unless I can really enjoy the meals when they come ? If I am so busy planning how to eat next week that I cannot fully enjoy what I am eating now, I will be in the same predicament when next week’s meals become “now.”
If my happiness at this moment consists largely in reviewing happy memories and expectations, I am but dimly aware of this present. I shall still be dimly aware of the present when the good things that I have been expecting come to pass. For I shall have formed a habit of looking behind and ahead, making it difficult for me to attend to the here and now. If, then, my awareness of the past and future makes me less aware of the present, I must begin to wonder whether I am actually living in the real world.” — The Wisdom of Insecurity by Alan Watts.

HT to Euan Semple for this one!

Given my recent attention to ‘being in the moment’ I have become very good at noticing when others live the on the past or future … But struggle to notice my own habits.


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