Noticing Numbers

Posted by  GeoffBrown —June 17, 2011
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Have you ever noticed how many numbers there are in our world? Numbers appear to be as prolific in our streetscape as letters of the alphabet.

This morning … I noticed numbers. I set off on a morning walk with our dog, my head swirling with thoughts,projections and assumptions. My mind was on auto pilot and it’s projections filled my whole being. Then I noticed this on a power pole …

I noticed it’s color and the engineering-like design. It was a lonely object, on a pole, in a deserted street, on a cold winter’s morning. Anyway, my point is that those swirling thoughts being ‘made-up’ in my mind disappeared. My intentional focus on the detail of this object changed the automated activities in my mind … for just a few moments. But, it long enough to break the ‘flow’ of these thoughts and some clarity returned to me. As did the awareness of my own breath, the tension in my jaw and hands. The frown on my forehead lifted to a feeling of lightness. My serious adult mood was replaced by a child-like curiosity and wonder about the diversity of numbers in my own street! And now my day is filled with possibility …

Coincidentally, this is Hugh’s Daily Cartoon and summed up my own mind before I broke out of the prison created by my mind …

And as Viv McWaters pointed out to me yesterday, this cartoon is not coincidence at all!

“… that’s not a coincidence – it’s serendipity, and serendipity just doesn’t happen. It’s shaped by our choices, behaviours and dispositions 🙂 ” Viv McWaters


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