Brilliant use of Metaphor and visuals

Posted by  admin —September 29, 2010
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Have you ever wondered how the brain works? At high school I did and went onto to study it at University and it continues to fascinate me.

Sebastian Seung in this TED talk has a story to tell of future possibilities in brain research and discovery. 3 aspects of this presentation I really liked were …

1. He speaks so clearly and effortlessly

2. It is the best explanation of the structure and function of the brain I have seen. Why? The use of visuals is brilliant. His verbal descriptions are supported by pictures that make the complex relationships between different parts of the brain easy to understand – I wonder how many university lecturers out there are using such methods in their teachings?

3. Best of all, he uses an ecological system (a flowing river that shapes and is shaped by the river bed) as a metaphor to explain how the pathways in the brain can change over time.

When we talk of transformational change in our work and organisations, we need to change the way we view our world and better understand the worldview of others. When dealing with complex areas like ‘behaviour change’, we need to shift our linear-industrial metaphors to ecological-system metaphors like the one in this video …

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