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Brilliant use of Metaphor and visuals

Posted by  admin —September 29, 2010
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Have you ever wondered how the brain works? At high school I did and went onto to study it at University and it continues to fascinate me. Sebastian Seung in this TED talk has a story to tell of future possibilities in brain research and discovery. 3 aspects of this presentation I really liked were … 1. He speaks so clearly and effortlessly 2. It is the best explanation of the structure and function of the brain I have seen. Why? The use of visuals is brilliant. His verbal descriptions are supported by pictures that make the complex relationships between …

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Expect the unexpected – A Twitter Story

Posted by  admin —March 10, 2009
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I just watched this TED presentation by co-founder of Twitter, Evan Williams. His final statement, for me, sums up the new world of business thinking. In this new world, business leaders are learning to ‘let-go’ of control and view consumers as not only users, but as ‘shapers’ and co-developers’ of new ideas and services/products. “I have no idea what will happen next with Twitter … but I’ve learned to follow the hunch and never assume where it will go.” Evan Williams. 2009 TED Conference. Evan also said … “It seems like when you give people easier ways to share information …

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Creativity & Play

Posted by  admin —December 1, 2008
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Another great TEDcast! This time from Tim Brown of Ideo. You can watch the 25 minute presentation here … or here … Here’s my visual summary of the key messages. I find drawing pictures of the ‘key points’ a much more useful way of storing messages than by using words. Geoff

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A great presentation – use visuals!

Posted by  admin —November 30, 2008
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I have been ranting about the use of visual images to support a story, key messages or to communicate your ‘thing’ to others. Here is a 4 minute presentation by Andy Hobsbawm that has a number of great features: Great use of visual images to support his story – notice his slides contain no words (they don’t need to!) His presentation has 1 core premise and everything hangs if it … the use of creative stuff is needed to inspire people to act in certain ways He also uses a short video to reinforce his idea (that he sells very …

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