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Making your message Stick and Slip

Posted by  admin —October 11, 2010
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I am currently researching and creating a Slideshow for a client on the topic of ‘Obesity’ – the same thing that Jamie Oliver rants about here and the same things that Nicholas Christakis discusses here at TED (which is a great video as her asserts the notion that Obesity is contagious and spreads through social networks!). As an aside … as I bookmark ‘obesity-related’ websites on Delicious here, I am again thinking about how much has changed since I was researching topics at Uni 20 years ago! The most graphic things I have come across (so far) are 2 videos …

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Brilliant use of Metaphor and visuals

Posted by  admin —September 29, 2010
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Have you ever wondered how the brain works? At high school I did and went onto to study it at University and it continues to fascinate me. Sebastian Seung in this TED talk has a story to tell of future possibilities in brain research and discovery. 3 aspects of this presentation I really liked were … 1. He speaks so clearly and effortlessly 2. It is the best explanation of the structure and function of the brain I have seen. Why? The use of visuals is brilliant. His verbal descriptions are supported by pictures that make the complex relationships between …

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The Girl Effect is back

Posted by  admin —September 29, 2010
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The Girl Effect video released a couple of years ago was a stunning example of story telling and blended statistics with music, visual images and text. Watching it is an emotional experience … just the kind of emotion needed to connect with the story and facts. The latest Girl Effect video again sets the scene … Paints a picture of the Dilemma … and then points to a Resolution.

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Great use of YouTube by Dave Snowden

Posted by  admin —July 20, 2010
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I spent about 30 minutes putting together this post and if you have got a spare¬†20 minutes (and you are keen to challenge your own worldview), go grab a cup of tea and work your way through these videos. I have put them in an order that will make sense to someone exploring these concepts for the first time. ————————————————————————————————————– Why do we still see policies in workplaces like, “You Tube banned on Government Servers to stop staff wasting time!”, when staff could be learning stuff as rich as these videos from Dave Snowden?¬†Dave is the Founder & Chief Scientific …

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Twitter unpacked by Commoncraft

Posted by  admin —June 16, 2009
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This post is for all those people who have heard me talk about the benefits of Twitter lately. Lee and Sachi at Commoncraft have created another great video that captures the potential ‘power’ of Twitter to bring people together around topics that they are passionate about. When you make it easier for people to connect and communicate … great things can happen. Enjoy! And here’s a few interesting articles about Twitter … and yes, I picked these up directly from Twitter: Tweet Dreams are made of this How Twitter, CellPhones and Facebook can make history – TED Video of Clay …

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