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Posted by  GeoffBrown —January 3, 2010
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Plenty of my good friends and family still haven’t a clue why I write a blog, upload online photos (to Posterous and Flickr) and use Twitter and Facebook. They still find it strange that my online buddies attracted me to a conference on the other side of the world. I’ll just go on daring to be different and try new things as they emerge.

Recently, I fell right out of the ‘habit’ of going online. An iphone crash hasn’t helped things either as most of my online interactions happen through the iphone these days.

Well people, I’m back and my online spaces are active once again.

This Blog … YesAndSpace – this is where I write about the things that matter most to me … stuff that really grabs me … some posts start with a tweet or a Posterous pic … this is where I think and write out-loud and unedited for all to read

My Posterous Blog – I have been using Posterous to house my iPhone pics. This year, I’ll take my Posterous blog to another level and use it to write stuff that comes up in the moment. Posterous is particularly cool because you can do it directly from your email client and auto link posts to Twitter/Facebook.

Twitter and Facebook feeds –  These are one in the same these days and a great way to stay connected with a whole range of cool people … I reckon more than half of the stuff I find useful on the internet comes from twitter and facebook feeds.




  1. Viv McWaters says:

    Hi Geoff
    Glad to see you’re back in the swing of on-line media (I’ve stopped calling it social networking, cos all networking is social so it’s a nonsensical description 🙂
    But I want to take you to task regarding your comment that Facebook and Twitter are the same. I think they serve quite different purposes and have different audiences. Twitter attracts a large number of ‘followers’ who may or may not be known, and has become a great source of links and information. Facebook is more chatty and friendly (hence, I tend to only ‘friend’ people I already know, although this is changing a bit). I link my blog to FB and stopped the automatic links between FB and Twitter as I find it annoying to read someone’s same updates on both sites. Food for thought, anyway, as we navigate our way around these new technologies.
    Cheers, Viv

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