As we enter a new year … a new decade

Posted by  GeoffBrown —January 2, 2010
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Just like that … BANG! 2009 is over and we enter a new decade.

As I brew my first morning coffee for 2010, here are a few reflections on the things that stand out most from 2009.

Witnessing my middle (4yo) boy’s growth in confidence and independence, my eldest (6yo) boy’s quest for learning and my youngest (2yo) develop a personality that will land him in both trouble and success

Seeing my beautiful wife rediscover herself and her fitness (through lap swimming and Yoga) and then compete in her first ocean swim just before Christmas … now working on her to compete in the Danger 1000 in a coupla weeks!

The feeling I get every time I enter the karate dojo … and the heightened presence afterwards. The only downer on this was my ill health in November/December prevented me from participating in a whole of dojo grading

Attending the 2009 Applied Improvisational Network conference in Portland Oregan – apart from being my first trip to North America, this event brought me face to face with a whole new world of people. I also got to hang out with Viv McWaters, Chris Corrigan and Anne Pattillo, play some improvised music on stage and catch some stunning scenery in both Oregon and northern California

Designing, delivering and improving a training program and that Viv McWaters and I call Insanely Great Slideshow Presentations

My big artistic project for the year was the design and building of our home office. I designed it to require no powered winter heating or summer cooling. I also project managed the whole thing and sourced all the materials. All timbers are reclaimed and all finishes are non toxic. Very proud of the end result and we are busy completing the landscaping and vege garden areas around it at the moment. The structure is also designed with the threat of bushfires in mind. More to follow about the design, materials and end result! Hat tip to my architect friend Mark Sanders for his advice over the years too!

Being a part of the 2009 Aireys Inlet Open Mic Music Festival back in March. Marty Maher is both the brains and muscle behind the event whilst I (and a few others) fiddle about at the edges and help out where we can. I admire Marty for his passion for music and for the sense of community that this festival creates. Looking forward to stepping up again this year Marty!

My most visited 10 blogs for 2009 …

Johnnie Moore – for his unanny ability to see through the ‘shit’ and write about it … also love it when he rants!

Euan Semple – for his unassuming style and ability cut to the core about how social media is useful

Nancy White – Nancy’s graphic facilitation, wiki resources and writing on communities of practice is a treasure

Chris Corrigan – Chris’ Parking Lot has been a source of inspiration for years now AND now I actually know Chris after 4 together at the AIN conference in November. Is a pleaure to be designing a conference this year with Chris and Viv where we get to work together on the stuff that matters most!

Viv McWaters – Viv introduced me to facilitation, blogging, twitter, presentation zen, the iPhone and Improv! Now that I write this I realise that Viv has shaped my DECADE more than anyone. Thankyou once again Viv.

Garr Reynolds – Presentation Zen continues to draw me back time and time again

Dave Pollard – How to Save the World has moved so update your feeds folks. Thanks to Dave for providing me with more useful links to really useful stuff than anyone else.

Mark ‘Herdmiester’ Earls – Another Englishman who knows how to say it like it is. Mark’s book Herd has influenced my own thinking about CHANGE more than anyone else

Dave Snowden – Yet another Englishman! Mark Earl’s work, together with Dave’s writing on complexity, has shifted my worldview and given me the language and tools to help others in my own work. If you haven’t seen Dave’s video titled “How to organise a children’s birthday party“, then watch it now.

Patti Digh – 37 Days is an amazing blog and Patti’s presence on Twitter and Facebook is amazingly real … how does Patti manage to comment so often and interact with so many people?

As for my own theme for 2010 (I don’t do ‘resolutions’ and ‘goals’ anymore) …

Notice more of life

Stay connected with my friends

Create space at home

See you soon


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