The Home Office Project

Posted by  GeoffBrown —January 20, 2010
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Between August and December last year I dramatically increased my contribution to greenhouse gas emissions by spending money on resources to create a home office!! And … their is a story to share about how this building will pay for itself, albeit slowly, in relation to it’s running costs and greenhouse emissions over the next decade or 2.

The details will follow in a series of blog posts where I will share what I learned.

Working from home is becoming the norm in some sectors and many people struggle to juggle that separation of roles between work and home … I know I did!

Also, many people want to create a space that is ‘sustainable’, requiring very little energy to keep cool, warm and well lit. A healthy space free of toxins is also high on the agenda. and for us in Aireys Inlet, a building that is bushfire-smart.

So, in coming months I will write about the design, materials, successes and compromises along the way. I will write, use photos and videos to do this.

Feel free to share this with anyone else.

Here’s the Intro Video

The YesAndSpace Home Office Story_Introduction from Geoff Brown on Vimeo.

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