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Posted by  GeoffBrown —December 11, 2009
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My wife came home from her day at work in Colac (Victoria) yesterday. Ingrid was inspired by 2 stories she heard. Colac is a semi rural town with many authentic, elderly locals who have done (and still doing) extraordinary things.

One of the stories relates to a visit to the local fruit shop and this punnet of berries …


The story behind the berries …

A elderly man in Colac lost his wife of many years a while back. He is wheelchair bound and his family has been trying to admit him into an aged care facility (probably out of concern and love).

Ingrid pressed the shop keeper for more details about the man who grow and picks the berries. She was told that his berries are everything to him now that his wife has passed. They are his passion. Despite his age and physical dysfunction, he is has invented his own ways of cultivating and harvesting one of nature’s delights.

I have no doubt that the ‘word is out’ about these locally grown berries and the story is spreading. Ingrid was touched and our kids amazed.

Next time you want to communicate something or engage people, what is the ‘story’ you are going to tell? It doesn’t need to be about old people doing amazing, heart warming things … it just needs to be authentic and real.


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