Comics and visual communication

Posted by  admin —July 3, 2008
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One of the best books written on the subject of communication with comics is called Understanding Comics: The invisible Art by Scott McCloud. If your job involves presenting information to others then this book will not disappoint. By the way … this is a serious book and not just for comic lovers! (Hat Tip to Garr Reynolds for the recommendation)

Thanks to Viv, I stumbled across Plasq.

Plasq have software called Comic Life and allows a 30 day trial period. I am Day 1 of the trial and discovered that it links with my webcam. Here is a not so serious example of what can be done quickly and easily …

Some Serious ‘Comic-Life’ Applications for facilitators and sustainability change-agents …

  • create invitations to community workshops and conferences by government departments
  • turn images into comics and comic strip-stories for slideshows and presentations
  • allow workshop participants to design their own comic strip stories (about their organisation … their visions etc) and comic images to represent something about themselves and/or others
  • For project web pages and blogs/forums





  1. Tom Tiernan says:

    Hi Geoff

    I had a chance to hear Scott speak at the VizThink conference this past January and was impressed with what he had to say. He has a passion for comics and articulated how this particular form of visual communication is able to reach people in ways that words alone cannot.

    I’m not a comics person (I work in a different aspect of the visual communication field), but I appreciated his perspective.

  2. […] Geoff Brown recommends “Understanding Comics: The invisible Art”, a book that discusses the use of comics for communication. It was written in 1994, but is #1 in Amazon’s “Cartooning” category. var disqus_url = ‘ ‘; var disqus_title = ‘Comics for Communication’; var disqus_message = ‘It was interesting that Google used a comic strip to effectively communicate the reasons why they are introducing a new browser called Chrome. I was especially taken in by the discussion of processes and tabs, a topic that would normally be rather dry.%0AComics were recently used to communicate legal concepts to First Nation tribes in […]%0A’; View the entire comment thread. […]

  3. Jess says:

    Aweѕomе lіst and great find, thаnks for ѕharing this.

    Really iѕ a goldmine.

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