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Posted by  admin —July 2, 2008
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The team at Slideshare have developed the Slidecast. Huh?! What’s that you ask?

Quite simply, a Slidecast is an online Slideshow with voice-over. Here’s a picture …

How can Slidecasts be useful?

First, I intend to use Slidecasts in my work as a facilitator. Slidecasts will help to make the magical ‘transition‘ from workshop-land to the real-world. In other words, Slidecasts created in workshops will assist my clients to more clearly communicate (and remember) the ‘essence’ of workshop decisions. 

Second, we know that Spoken Words (like a story) supported by Visual Images help us to learn better. Our brain is wired in such a way that Stories & Images together pass through our Emotional Response centres which are needed for deeper learning. Here’s another picture (Hat Tip to to Dr John Mendina) …

Third, Slidecasts can be created using simple applications commonly used in our world … PowerPoint (or Keynote) and our own recorded voice. In other words they are relatively easy to create. 

My First Slidecast

A couple of posts ago I wrote about the artwork of Chris Jordon and created a slideshow to communicate his artwork and his story at a recent TED conference.

Using Slidecast I have added my own words and interpretations to the slideshow.




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