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Too busy to be creative?

Posted by  admin —August 6, 2008
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Like most people you ask, “I’m busy”. Busy running my business, being a husband and a dad. Growing my own fruit and veges and playing music again đŸ™‚ I don’t feel busy though and I make the time to play in this space. Some of my clients ask me … “how do you find the time blog?” My answer is that blogging is a big part of my work now. It gives me the chance to notice what is going on around me and to notice more about myself. It allows me to connect and learn from people all over …

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Comics and visual communication

Posted by  admin —July 3, 2008
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One of the best books written on the subject of communication with comics is called Understanding Comics: The invisible Art by Scott McCloud. If your job involves presenting information to others then this book will not disappoint. By the way … this is a serious book and not just for comic lovers! (Hat Tip to Garr Reynolds for the recommendation) Thanks to Viv, I stumbled across Plasq. Plasq have software called Comic Life and allows a 30 day trial period. I am Day 1 of the trial and discovered that it links with my webcam. Here is a not so serious example …

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