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Don’t underestimate the power of COMICS

Posted by  admin —September 3, 2008
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So what do Google, Scott McLeod and comics have in common? They have just collaborated to launch Google’s Chrome Web Browser. Why comics? They are visual … they tell a story (which are hardwired to understand) … they turn the ‘complex’ into the ‘simple’ AND they are FUN! When Clay Shirky talks about the fall of tradition organizational structures (Institutions) in the “collaboration” space that is Web 2.0, he also points out that traditional institutions resist the new (often creative right brained) approaches to business and marketing. Here is a classic quote from CNN’s article “Google unveils free browser Chrome” …

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Collaborative Mindmapping

Posted by  admin —July 11, 2008
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I have long been a fan of using mindmaps to think and capture ideas. As a facilitator I use mindmaps to create a visual map of decisions and ‘outputs’ from workshops. Now I can use mindmaps to ‘collaborate’ with others by using a Web 2.0 application called Mind42. All you need is a Mind42 account and you can view and edit maps that I publish … a visual wiki! Here is a real example that I used to communicate the outcomes of the Castlemaine 500 project earlier this year.   Cheers Geoff     

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Posted by  admin —July 7, 2008
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Gen Roberts at the Lorne Community House used this ‘HOPE’ acronym at the bottom of one her emails recently. I liked it and found myself playing around with my tablet … also learned a bit more about Corel Painter functions in the process 🙂 Geoff

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Comics and visual communication

Posted by  admin —July 3, 2008
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One of the best books written on the subject of communication with comics is called Understanding Comics: The invisible Art by Scott McCloud. If your job involves presenting information to others then this book will not disappoint. By the way … this is a serious book and not just for comic lovers! (Hat Tip to Garr Reynolds for the recommendation) Thanks to Viv, I stumbled across Plasq. Plasq have software called Comic Life and allows a 30 day trial period. I am Day 1 of the trial and discovered that it links with my webcam. Here is a not so serious example …

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Picturing Excess

Posted by  admin —June 22, 2008
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Thanks to my sister (Janette Derrick), I discovered the remarkable artistic work of Chris Jordon. I regularly use Chris’ provacative images when facilitating behaviour change workshops. I use these visual images to tap into participant’s emotions and to shine a light on the ludicrous excesses of our modern lifestyle.  Note: It is also important to shift the conversation away from the problem once the images have been presented. I use an approach called Solutions Focus and switch from problems to the benefits (as if the problems were solved) … then future perfect (the ideal future scenario) … then small steps/actions …

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