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Green Cow Solutions

Posted by  admin —October 7, 2008
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In the spirit of Improv and Complex change, I have started doing lots and lots of little things to help ‘enable change’ and ‘spark conversations’ about living sustainably at home. The first of these is Green Cow Solutions! A good chunk of my work is in the design and facilitation of projects that bring together people to learn from each other about tackling climate change and living sustainably. These projects have become more about community strengthening and resilience than about the ‘sustainability’ outcomes that flow from action (eg. insulating ceiling space) … I am very comfortable with that too! So …

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Finding your ‘Sweet Spot’ in the ‘Real World’

Posted by  admin —September 23, 2008
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When I heard that Dave Pollard (Authour of the “Sweet Spot”) was chatting with Dave Snowden (Mr Complexity) … a metaphor jumped to mind that brings the 2 together. Forgive the simplicity of this metaphor. Some background and context … In the real world of ‘behaviour change’ projects, project coordinators are often funded by government agencies. These agencies are usually hierarchical and therefor demand a degree of certainty … a plan thought out in advance that delivers on milestones and performance targets. It’s tax payer’s money, so you need to show (ahead of time) how you ‘think’ you might achieve …

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Transition Culture

Posted by  admin —July 31, 2008
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Dave Pollard and I appear to stumble upon (and notice) similar stuff. This time it’s Transition Culture. I have learned much from the Castlemaine community and they have jumped head first into the Transition Culture process which is all about making the transition from a carbon-centric to a carbon-free economy/lifestyle. Here is a description of the Transition Handbook from Rob Hopkins’ blog: “The book has three sections, the Head, the Heart and the Hands. The Head explores the issues of peak oil and climate change, and how when looked at together, we need to be focusing on the rebuilding of …

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Story of Bubbles and Stuff

Posted by  admin —July 15, 2008
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Have you seen Annie Leonard’s Story of Stuff video? You should watch it. I use parts of it when facilitating sustainability workshops to great effect. I have embedded it below. Thanks to Dave Pollard’s weekly wrap, I discovered this article by Peter Senge and others. It is a prescription for Business Sustainability: Senge says business has to do much more than just mitigate and adapt to climate change. I really liked the anology Senge drew between the short term bubbles we have seen (eg. dot com and sub prime) and the Industrial “bubble” that has been expanding for the past 2 centuries. …

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Spreading Solutions with video and art

Posted by  admin —July 11, 2008
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In a recent post I explored applications for the visual art of Chris Jordon in enabling change. Today (hat tip to Brendan McKeague) I discovered the Paul Lussier Company. Their mission is similar to Chris’ and my own in seeking solutions to the climate change challenge. One of his projects is the creation of an online film called Blessed Unrest. Watch this! BLESSED UNREST: THE FILM is created entirely on the film’s website. The site enables users to partake in collaborative editing in micro-communities devoted to certain themes set up by our directorial and editorial team. With the full resolution source tagging …

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