Spreading Solutions with video and art

Posted by  admin —July 11, 2008
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In a recent post I explored applications for the visual art of Chris Jordon in enabling change.

Today (hat tip to Brendan McKeague) I discovered the Paul Lussier Company. Their mission is similar to Chris’ and my own in seeking solutions to the climate change challenge.

One of his projects is the creation of an online film called Blessed Unrest. Watch this!

BLESSED UNREST: THE FILM is created entirely on the film’s website. The site enables users to partake in collaborative editing in micro-communities devoted to certain themes set up by our directorial and editorial team. With the full resolution source tagging married to this collaborative editing interface, for the first time in history a film can jump from home page to the global stage with the click of a button.

One of my favourite authors is Paul Hawkin. His book The Ecology of Commerce is legendary and has influenced many world business leaders to change the direction of their companies. Here is Paul on his latest book, Blessed Unrest and Why No-one Saw it Coming.



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