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When is enough … enough?

Posted by  GeoffBrown —April 7, 2010
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I am frustrated with my apathy … and the apathy of those around me in relation to the big challenges of our time. Climate change, social justice and inequality are just a few. As we go about our normal lives, the Chinese tanker Shen Neng is grounded on a reef 40 kilometres to the  Northeast of Heron Island. We are talking about oil impacting one of the most pristine coral reefs on the planet. The Shen Neng, ironically, is carrying hundreds of tonnes of coal – bound for ‘whatever’ in China to fuel our insatiable appetite for ‘stuff’! Image Source Too often in …

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Agile Planning & observations of a facilitator

Neil Perkin penned this terrific post Agile Planning. Image Source This post resonated loudly with me because of the recent work I have been doing as a facilitator with Government agencies. Also, the upcoming Show Me The Change conference in Melbourne this May is also linked. Here’s a snapshot of Neil’s Agile post: We are all bombarded by change and it’s accelerating (and will not slow down) … the enterprise of the future will be hungry for change … but our current business/government are stuck in linear systems that are slow, top-down & inflexible … “Our structures need to be …

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A Whole Minded Performance Story Report

A report that I proudly co-authored is now available! It tells a story about a project called Castlemaine 500 (which I also helped to orchestrate) … it’s successes, failures and the lessons learned. It is also an example of how an evaluation report can come alive with design, cartoons and stories! The Castlemaine 500 Performance Story Report was recently launched. You can watch interviews with participating households here. The best summary of the project is contained in the report though! If you want a hard copy of the report booklet email me. If you want to download it click here. …

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Three Questions that I Hold

Posted by  admin —July 24, 2009
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Both Johnnie Moore and Chris Corrigan have written about Holding Questions – “What-the?” I hear you ask and why is holding questions relevant? Johnnie reflects on what he has learned from Chris had this to say here … “Chris would talk about “holding questions”. Again, my first reacting was: eh? It sounded a bit crazy to me, but just sensible enough to leave me with this puzzle, what would be good about that?. I was probably only just on the curious side of cynical. And again over time, I’ve started to get clearer, and more enthusiastic about the idea of …

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I wonder if this idea will catch on?

Posted by  admin —May 5, 2009
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Here’s yet another short-term solution to landfill problems. Take the old advertising billboards (made from toxic PVC) and turn them into art. Helps beautiful spaces and keep nasty stuff out of landfill. Hopefully we’ll get smart and future billboards that get pulld down will be made from materials that could be taken away by landscape gardners and used as mulch mats … or something similar. But for now … I like this solution! Geoff

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