Transition Culture

Posted by  admin —July 31, 2008
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Dave Pollard and I appear to stumble upon (and notice) similar stuff. This time it’s Transition Culture.

I have learned much from the Castlemaine community and they have jumped head first into the Transition Culture process which is all about making the transition from a carbon-centric to a carbon-free economy/lifestyle.

Here is a description of the Transition Handbook from Rob Hopkins’ blog:

“The book has three sections, the Head, the Heart and the Hands. The Head explores the issues of peak oil and climate change, and how when looked at together, we need to be focusing on the rebuilding of resilience as well as cutting carbon emissions. It argues that the focus of our lives will become increasingly local and small scale as we come to terms with the real implications of the energy crisis we are heading into. The Heart looks at where we find the personal tools for responding to what can feel like overwhelming challenges. It argues that key to our success will be our ability to generate positive visions of future, to harness the power of engaged optimism, and overcome powerlessness. The Hands offers a detailed exploration of the Transition model, setting out its principles, its origins, the 12 Steps of Transition, how they were applied in the first year of Transition Town Totnes, as well as offering a taste of how the model has been applied in a range of other settings.”


The Transition Handbook also suggests the use of Open Space as a way to engage and self organise for the future. A nice link with my past few posts.



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