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Seth’s Hierarchy of Presentations

Posted by  admin —April 16, 2009
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Seth Godin just wrote this blog post called the Hierarchy of Presentations I like the plain language Seth uses so I turned his post into a slideshow. Geoff. Seth Godin’s Presentation Hierarchy View more presentations from Geoff Brown.

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Changing the World … 1 picture at a time

Posted by  admin —December 28, 2008
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With Christmas over and New Year fast approaching, it’s time to take some time to go ‘off’-line for a while. First, some reflections on 2008 and Blogging … When I scan through my posts, I am noticing 1 prevailing theme … Visual Thinking. Not just thinking on my part, but ‘creation’ of visual content on the web. Much of it relates to the the work I do as a facilitator and some of it to my hobbies. The lines between my ‘work’ and ‘hobbies’ are blurring as each year passes and that is a GREAT thing. I love what I …

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Insanely Great Slideshow Presentations

Viv McWaters and I have created a brand new training program on how to make Insanely Great Slideshow Presentations. Insanely Great Slideshows View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. Where did the training program come from? Over the past few years, I have had many discussions with Viv about the Powerpoint presentations that we observe in our facilitation work. Given our role is about group ‘process’, we are in a unique position to analyse the effectiveness of the presentations we see. Why? We do not suffer from the CURSE OF KNOWLEDGE that comes from working inside the ‘content’ of the …

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