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The Rule of Thirds

Posted by  admin —July 3, 2009
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Re reading the chapters in Presentation Zen and Slide:ology on design and the Rule of Thirds. Viv and I will make use of these pictures in our Insanely Great Slideshow Training me thinks … First a simple picture … And now a noisier version …

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Stories that are ‘Built to Last’

Garr Reynold over at Presentation Zen spotted this video called ‘Built to Last‘. “This 3-minute video presentation called Built to Last won first prize in The Congress for the New Urbanism video contest a few weeks ago. The rules for the contest were simple: “Create a 3-minute maximum video that illustrates how the principles of New Urbanism – density, design and walkability – can effectively respond to current environmental challenges that we face.” Watch the video.” Garr Reynolds. Here is another great example of creative communication. Built to Last combines a great mix of music, large/bold text, images and story …

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What goes around comes around

Posted by  admin —April 17, 2009
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My last blog post *Seth’s Hierarchy of Presentations* has created heaps of ‘movement’ across many of my social spaces including Twitter, Facebook, Slideshare and this Blog. One comment from The Best of Fundraising Blog lead me to their previous post titled ‘Why I’m Smiling & Moving’. As fate has it, this post is all about giving and receiving … if you put stuff out there for people to use, they build on it and you get something back. There’s a lot of love out there in the online, social world (despite what we hear about the negative web-based predatory stuff …

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Seth’s Hierarchy of Presentations

Posted by  admin —April 16, 2009
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Seth Godin just wrote this blog post called the Hierarchy of Presentations I like the plain language Seth uses so I turned his post into a slideshow. Geoff. Seth Godin’s Presentation Hierarchy View more presentations from Geoff Brown.

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We’re SlideShare Rockstars!!!!!

Posted by  admin —April 6, 2009
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Last week, the crew at Slideshare noticed that my online slideshows were being ‘noticed’ by more and more people. So they sent me this email titled “You’re a SlideShare Rockstar” … “Hi GeoffBrown3231, We’ve noticed that your slideshow on SlideShare has been getting a LOT of views in the last 24 hours. Great job … you must be doing something right. 😉 Why don’t you tweet or blog this? Use the hashtag #bestofslideshare so we can track the conversation. Congratulations – SlideShare Team” Well! With my ego well and truely ‘tickled’, I then noticed that heaps of people were ‘favourite-ing’ …

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