What goes around comes around

Posted by  admin —April 17, 2009
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My last blog post *Seth’s Hierarchy of Presentations* has created heaps of ‘movement’ across many of my social spaces including Twitter, Facebook, Slideshare and this Blog.

One comment from The Best of Fundraising Blog lead me to their previous post titled ‘Why I’m Smiling & Moving’. As fate has it, this post is all about giving and receiving … if you put stuff out there for people to use, they build on it and you get something back. There’s a lot of love out there in the online, social world (despite what we hear about the negative web-based predatory stuff from our Institutions … who just don’t get Web2.0 yet!).

Using a similar approach to The Girl Effect video, I really enjoyed this one from the team at Smile and Move – an online movement that’s all about …

“Smile & Move is a call to positive action… to be happy and do something… a reminder of how we should approach our work (whether that work is done in the office, on the field, in the classroom or at home). It’s about mattering to the world, all with a smile.” from their website

So watch and listen to this video

When you check out the Smile & Move website (and the Give More Media site that sits behind it), it’s all about creating a movement … or as they put it, “A movement with a Smile becomes and Smovement” …


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